IPC86CEB-AF18KC-I0 12MP Ultra HD Infrared Vandal-resistant Fisheye Fixed Dome Camera

Maximize your surveillance capabilities with the IPC86CEB-AF18KC-I0, a 12MP Ultra HD Fisheye Fixed Dome Camera designed to provide comprehensive 360° panoramic views. Equipped with advanced infrared illumination, multiple decoding modes, and robust security features, this camera is ideal for detailed, wide-area monitoring in high-risk environments.

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Alpha Vision – Video Surveillance Platform

Alpha Vision’s AI-powered video surveillance features revolutionize how you monitor and secure your environment. With intelligent algorithms, this camera offers People Flow Counting and Crowd Density Monitoring to manage and analyze crowd-related metrics efficiently. Reduce false alarms with smart intrusion prevention capabilities that distinguish between human, vehicle, and irrelevant movements such as animals or environmental elements. Enhanced with target classification, our technology ensures accurate detection and alert notifications for critical events.

Exceptional Image Quality

Featuring a 1/1.7’’ CMOS sensor, this camera delivers outstanding 12MP resolution images, capturing up to 4000*3000 pixels. This high level of detail is perfect for areas needing comprehensive coverage and fine detail in video recordings.

Panoramic Viewing Experience

The ultra-wide-angle lens offers a complete 360° panoramic view, ensuring no blind spots in the surveillance area. This capability is essential for monitoring large open spaces such as lobbies, warehouses, large retail environments, and outdoor areas.

Advanced Infrared Technology

Embedded infrared lights provide 360° fill-in lighting, offering up to 15 meters (49 feet) of IR distance. This feature ensures effective night-time surveillance and clear imaging in low-light conditions across the entire panoramic field of view.

Versatile Decoding Modes

The camera supports multiple decoding modes, allowing for both software and hardware-based decoding. This versatility provides dynamic interactive views and ensures optimal performance across different hardware and software platforms.

Heatmap Technology

Integrated with heatmap technology, the camera works with a management platform to track and count the movement of objects in real time, displaying the data on an intuitive color map. This feature is invaluable for traffic patterns and general movement analysis in retail or public spaces.

Two-Way Audio Communication

Equipped with a built-in microphone and speaker, this camera supports two-way talk, enabling direct communication through the device, which can be critical in emergency or security situations.

High Storage Capacity

Support for a 256 GB micro SD card allows for extensive local recording, ensuring that data is retained securely on the device, reducing the reliance on external storage solutions.

Durable and Secure

The IPC86CEB-AF18KC-I0 is built to withstand potential vandalism with an IK10 rating and is IP67 protected, ensuring it remains operational in harsh environmental conditions, from dust to heavy rainfall.

The IPC86CEB-AF18KC-I0 is a top choice for users looking for a high-performance, vandal-resistant surveillance solution that provides extensive coverage and detailed analytical capabilities. Its comprehensive features make it suitable for high-traffic areas where security and detailed observation are paramount.

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Additional information

Weight 0.524 kg
Dimensions 149 × 149 × 55 mm
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12 Megapixel

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NDAA Compliant