NVR501-B-P Series Network Video Recorder

Enhance your surveillance system with the NVR501-B-P Series Network Video Recorder, a powerful and versatile solution designed to manage and record video from multiple IP cameras. Supporting up to 8MP resolution and featuring robust network management options, this NVR is ideal for both small and large-scale installations.

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Uniview NVR Series

Alpha Vision – Video Surveillance Platform

Alpha Vision’s AI-powered surveillance features revolutionize how you monitor and secure your environment. With intelligent algorithms, this camera offers People Flow Counting and Crowd Density Monitoring to manage and analyze crowd-related metrics efficiently. Reduce false alarms with smart intrusion prevention capabilities that distinguish between human, vehicle, and irrelevant movements such as animals or environmental elements. Enhanced with target classification, our technology ensures accurate detection and alert notifications for critical events.

Advanced Video Compression Support

The NVR501-B-P Series supports Ultra 265, H.265, and other mainstream video formats, offering significant bandwidth and storage savings without compromising video quality.

Flexible Channel Options

Available in configurations with either 4 or 8 channel inputs, this recorder accommodates various setup sizes, providing flexibility in system design with dedicated PoE network interfaces for each channel, ensuring simplified installation and reliable power supply to connected IP cameras.

Wide Compatibility

This NVR is compatible with mainstream cameras that conform to ONVIF standards (Profiles S, G, T) and support RTSP protocols, ensuring seamless integration with a wide range of security equipment and allowing for a highly customizable security system.

Dual Video Outputs

Supports simultaneous HDMI and VGA outputs, allowing users to connect multiple monitors and stream high-definition video to different display platforms without compromising signal quality.

High-Resolution Recording

Capable of recording video at resolutions up to 8 megapixels, the NVR501-B-P Series captures sharp, detailed images, making it an excellent choice for scenarios requiring precise surveillance and high clarity.

Storage Capacity

Equipped with 1 SATA HDD slot, it supports up to 8TB of storage per HDD, providing ample space for high-resolution video storage and long-term archiving.

Automatic Network Replenishment (ANR)

Incorporating ANR technology, this recorder enhances storage reliability by automatically saving video data to camera storage temporarily when the network is disconnected and subsequently transferring the data back to the NVR once connectivity is restored.

Cloud Upgrade

Supports cloud-based firmware upgrading, which simplifies the upgrade process and ensures that the system is always up-to-date with the latest features and security enhancements.

The NVR501-B-P Series Network Video Recorder is an effective solution for anyone looking to build or expand a networked surveillance system. With its robust features and support for advanced surveillance technologies, it offers reliable, high-quality video management that meets the needs of a variety of security applications.

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Additional information

Weight 0.98 kg
Dimensions 260 × 222 × 47 mm
NVR Channels

8 Channels


with POE (Light), with POE

Hard Drives